20 Best Ways to Make Money Online Working from Home

Want to be able to make a decent amount of money from the comfort of your own home? We’ve got you.There are many reasons why one might want to leave their job and start working from home, be it the lockdown, wanting to spend more time with family, or even simply hatred for the mundane 9-5 job. Whatever the reason, you don’t need to be particularly tech-savvy to be able to make a living through your laptop. All you need is a steady internet connection and a good laptop.

Listed below are a few jobs and side hustles you can get into to make a decent living for yourself. 

1. Freelance writer

If writing is something you think you can do well then this is the perfect job for you. This job would require writing pieces on the topics assigned to you by your current employer. It pays well enough and also gives you the freedom of choosing the genres or the company you work for, and even allows you to change it up occasionally if you feel like it. There are various outlets on the internet that hire freelancing writers like magazines, blogs, websites, etc.

Approximate salary: Rs. 14,500/month

2. Online Tutor

For all the people who used to have a job before you decided on working from home, this one is one of your best options. Having had a job in a particular field like engineering, for example, gives you experience, along with the degree you had to gain to have the job in the first place, gives you everything you need to become a good and reputable tutor. You could take as many students as you want at a time, an entire class or just one student, and work only as much as you want to as you would have the freedom to set up the classes. With just five hours of teaching in a day, you could earn a substantial amount of money. 

Approximate salary: Rs. 60,000/month (5 hours a day)

3. Affiliate Marketing

For those of you who have an online platform like a YouTube channel, website, blog, etc. with a decent amount of followers, this one will be the best option for you. Affiliate marketing means that you would partner with a website or company and advertise their products on your social platform. In return, any customers or clients the company/website gets due to your marketing efforts, you will get a portion of the money they pay to the company/website. This job would require a little amount of effort and could help you earn a lot of fo money, however, before deciding to go into this career make sure that you have everything that is required- a social platform with a decent amount of followers, a laptop and a backup plan.

Approximate salary: Rs. 25,000/month 

4. Proofreading

If you have a good vocabulary and a habit of correcting people there isn’t a better job for you. This job would entail working part-time for a website or company that will send you written pieces of varying lengths that you would have to read through and edit. You can also work as a freelancer for authors who pay people to help perfect their novels. 

Approximate salary: Rs. 55,000/year

5. Video Game Tester

If you were someone who enjoyed video games as a child, or even as an adult and has played many different ones over the years then this job is the perfect one for you. Due to the recent rise in the number of people who have online jobs, or even no jobs, the entertainment sector has begun thriving at a whole new level. However, competition in the industry is severe, which is why many video game producing companies hire experienced individuals to play and test games that haven’t been released. The individual would be required to play the game for a certain amount of time and then write a detailed review about all the issues and unattractive traits of the game so the company can perfect it before it is released on the market. 

Approximate salary: Rs. 20,000/month

6. Live-streaming playing games

If you are frequent in playing games and have enough savings to be able to invest a year of experience then you can earn a good living from this. You can get paid almost around 5 figures a month by just playing video games all day. However, there are two ways to accomplish this. There are few game producing companies that pay established youtube gamers with a good amount of followers to play their games and promote sales, sort of like affiliate marketing. The second way is simply using youtube. You can show ads in between the videos and get paid, ask for donations from your fans, make the subscription paid, etc. Even though this kind of job requires time to be able to reach its full potential, the end result might just be worth it. A five-figure salary for playing video games? Sounds like heaven. 

Approximate salary: Rs. 50,000 (1 year of experience), and around Rs. 70-85 lakhs/year after a bit of experience. 

7. Graphic Designer

If you have always been a creative person and know how to use the basic online editing apps like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Creative Cloud then this should be an easy one for you. In this digital age, companies are always looking for people who can help them keep up, and if you’re willing to give the time to learn how the Adobe tools work then you can be one of those people and make a significant amount of money. 

Approximate salary: Rs. 25,000/month

8. Freelancing Online Personal Trainer

If you are the athlete of your friend group or just someone who enjoys, and is good at, physical exercise then you can excel at this job. This job would entail finding clients and having online sessions with them and helping them to achieve physical health. With the lockdown and risk of COVID, and even before that, people have loved the flexibility that comes with an online personal trainer.

Approximate salary: Rs. 56,000/month (with a little experience)

9. Transcriptionist

If you’re a fast typer and can understand English well, then there isn’t a job easier and more perfect out there for you. For this job, all you would have to do is listen to the audio provided by your employees and write down the subtitles for the audio. There are websites that are constantly looking for people who can do this job so employment should not be too hard.

Approximate salary: Rs. 17,500/month

10. Social Media manager

Every website you might ever see has an online presence on most social media platforms. However, it’s not very easy to manage all those accounts simultaneously. This is why they look for people to do the job for them. The job would entail having a strategy to increase the website’s online presence, review the number of people who see their account, producing and then posting good and attractive content, etc. 

Approximate salary: Rs. 22,800/month

11. YouTuber

You can earn a substantial amount of money from youtube simply by making interesting content. The more followers you gain the higher the pay. You can also allow companies to show their ads in between your videos and get paid for it. Many people these days work full-time as YouTubers and earn a good amount of money too. However, the amount you get paid is largely dependent on how many followers and views you have on your channel and videos respectively.

Approximate salary: Rs. 200-300 per 1000 views

12. Open an online shop

If you are someone who is incredibly creative, or good at something like baking, then you can start your own website, or upload your products to websites like amazon, etc. You can sell your products and make a good living from them, all the while having the freedom to be able to sell at your own price and work on your own time. However, keep in mind that a little bit of investment is required. 

To earn money on the side:

If you already have a job and are just looking for some earning on the side then we got you too!

Many sites and apps pay people to use and review their products. The reviewers’ job is to write a brutally honest review about where the product might be lacking or is offensive, etc. The job, like the others mentioned below in this list, doesn’t pay well enough for you to be able to make a living out of them but it can be a huge help on the side. 

This is similar to freelancing except it allows you more freedom and to switch your genre of work. Websites like Fiverr and Guru, etc. get you small jobs from different clients like finding a specific photo online, etc, once you register as an employee on these websites. 

This is definitely the easiest job on this entire list and perhaps requires the least amount of effort. There are websites out there that pay you to solve a certain number of captcha puzzles a day. The pay can vary from Rs. 8,000-16,000 a month.

Many websites, authors, websites, etc. are looking for people who can do research for them. Research can sometimes be very time-consuming and requires an immense amount of patience. This is why researchers are hired, to do the dirty work for their employers. 

One of the easiest jobs out there, you can now make money by simply watching ads. Many websites get paid by different companies for showing their ads. Some websites employ people to watch these ads and then pay them a certain percentage of the money they get from the website. 

With companies constantly competing against one another for the attention of the public, giving feedback is becoming a serious method of earning. One such method is taking paid online surveys. This job would entail using websites and then giving honest answers in surveys. As simple as that!

With the general rise in video content in these modern times there is a very high demand for video editors. People who can go through videos and complete the gruelling task of making sure everything is aesthetically perfect for the public to see.

With so many clients using a website, there is a lot of data that is acquired, and not enough time to properly organise it. Data entry employees are hired for this very reason. They are required to fill in the data in various organising appliances, like Excel for example.


All the different jobs listed above are jobs that can be done comfortably with the convenience of your own house, and pay a salary good enough to be able to make an easy living or make extra money on the side. Best of luck working!

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