7 Common Side Effects of Taking Enhancement Drugs in Men

Hello guys, we shall be talking about the dangers of using male enhancers in the other room, i mean, the Common Side Effects of Taking Enhancement Drugs in Men.

What are male enhancement pills?

Male enhancement supplements work by increasing the amount of blood flow the genital region receives and the volume of blood that it can retain. In a flaccid state, the penis, like any other part of the body, receives a normal amount of blood flow. When an erection occurs, the penis is surged with a rich supply of blood which is then trapped in the spongy tissues of the Cavernosa and Spongiosum.

Male enhancement supplements can be synthetic or herbal. Synthetic ones may have more side-effects.

The time it takes to see results, said to be a matter of weeks, depends on a man’s body type, eating habits, overall health, genetics, and other factors.

Individually, popular belief claims the efficacy of these ingredients. For example, a 2016 study found that black ginger extract increased physical fitness performance and muscular endurance, though it was performed on mice. So, there isn’t a ton of research that supports how effective they really are.

But there’s no data to directly support the effectiveness of male enhancement pills.

“I always caution patients about these medications, as many of them haven’t been studied in a controlled manner,” says E. Charles Osterberg, MD, FACS, a board-certified urologist.

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These prescription drugs cause blood levels of nitric oxide to rise. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, which means it widens blood vessels to improve blood flow. These medications are particularly good in widening the blood channels in your penis. When you’re stimulated, having more blood in your penis makes it bigger, and help getting and maintaining an erection much easier.

On the other hand, these drugs may have negative side effects. The following are seven of the most common ED drug side effects.

1. Headaches.

Headaches are the most common side effect related with ED medications. Higher levels of nitric oxide produce a sudden change in blood flow, which causes headaches.

2. Body aches and pains

Some people have muscle aches and pains all over their bodies while taking ED medicines. Others have expressed concerns about lower back pain in particular.

3. Digestive problem.

Your ED medication could have a negative impact on your digestive system. The most common symptoms are indigestion and diarrhoea.

4. Dizziness.

When nitric oxide levels rise, some men may become dizzy. The dizziness caused by ED medications is usually mild. However, any dizziness could be troublesome throughout regular activities.

5. Vision problems.

ED medications have the ability to alter your vision in certain situations. They have the potential to impair your vision and distort your vision. ED medicines aren’t recommended if you’ve had vision loss or retinitis pigmentosa, a retinal condition.

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6. Flushes.

Flushes are a sort of skin redness that lasts a few minutes. Flushes usually begin on the face, but they can spread to other parts of the body. Flushes can be mild to severe, resulting in blotchy skin or rashes. Flushes are usually not dangerous, despite their frightening appearance.

7. Congestion and runny nose.

Congestion, as well as a runny or stuffy nose, is a common ED medication adverse effect. Most of the time, these adverse effects subside on their own. Consult your doctor if the symptoms persist.

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