9 Tips on how to catch a cheating husband

Many husbands today are far from being faithful to their wives. If you have doubts or you think your husband is cheating on you, the likely signs that your husband is cheating on you is there. There is virtually nothing serious you can do except you have tangible evidences against him, you will have to start looking for possible signs first. Remember only you know your husband best, his thought pattern, behaviors, character and his actions, including his work schedule. If anything starts to become abnormal it can be taken as part of the signs of cheating husband. Therefore this article shall be revealing how to catch a cheating husband.

Among many other reasons in my own opinion I think the first place to start to watch out for is your sex life. You know your husband so well, right? You have been living together for years. On a normal day he would be fun of you. But for whatever reason if his behavior towards you suddenly changes, then something may be going underground. Meanwhile you will have to be sure he is not having some health issues that he is keeping away from you, so you will not be making untrue assumptions. All things being equal, if you begin to notice his unusual withdrawal from having sex with you, this is a loud signal to watch out for.

There are some more signs of cheating husband. These have to do with what your husband wants to do in bed with you. Maybe you a straight missionary couple who have had three kids and years of experience to prove that’s it for you, and your husband suddenly wants you to give him doggy style and ride him? There is the possibility of him getting it from anywhere, maybe from books, or films, porn or from a strange woman. It becomes even worse, if you agree and he is actually quite good at both, than that means he has been getting practice from somewhere else and unfortunately it has not been you. Dont miss reading Make your husband love you with these proven 16 tips

Below are proven 9 Signs and how to catch a cheating husband

It is more obvious that many husbands are cheating on their wives in today’s world. You remember the old cliché of lipstick on the collar and a perfume smell when he walks in the door. However, husbands have learned ways to disguise the affair and they’ve become quite savvy about it. This article was written to help you identify the signs of a cheating husband. If you suspect, even for a second, that your husband is cheating, then keep your eyes open for these warning signs.

1. His dressing changes

The first on the list of how to catch a cheating husband is his change in his dressing. When a husband is cheating, (or if he’s even THINKING about cheating) he’ll change the way he dresses. If you notice your husband going from blue jeans and t-shirts to GQ slacks and dress shirts, then it’s time to have a talk with him.

2. His music changes

Again, how to catch a cheating husband is to watch out for the music he listen to. Has his music type changed?
Many times a cheating husband will change the music he listens to. Maybe he’s listening to R&B now, when he used to only listen to Alternative. Sometimes he’ll change his choice of music because it reminds him of HER.

3. Change of Outlook

Has your husband starting wearing designer cologne? Why do you think he’s doing that? If he’s been wearing Brut for years, and now he’s wearing Polo, something could be happening that you should be talking to him about. Signs of a cheating husband are sometimes obvious. This one should definitely put up some red flags.

4. He may want to change his car.

Still on how to catch a cheating husband, a husband who cheats may want to change his car. If your husband is thinking about buying a new car, and he’s not including YOU in the buying decision, then you’ll want to question his motives. If he’s been driving an old pickup truck for years and now he wants a sporty two-seater, what’s his reason for this? Ask him. You may be surprised.

5 .He comes home late

If your husband has always been home at 6:00 pm from work and how he’s been staying until 7 or 8:00 pm, then it’s time you talk with him about it. Don’t get me wrong, men love to work and provide for their families, it’s in their genes. But its changes like this that can lead to disaster if left unnoticed. Don’t accuse him; just simply ask him what’s up. And if he’s working longer hours, make sure his paycheck show these changes.

6. His Eating Pattern Changes

It’s common for men to eat out for lunch during the week. But one of the signs of a cheating husband is the places for lunch changes from $10 meals to $20 or $30 meals. Many times you can check this by looking at your bank account online, or by checking his receipts. Again, don’t accuse him of anything here, just talk to him about it if you notice this pattern.

7. Suddenly starts hanging out with friends

Cheating husbands usually don’t stay at home very often and they look for any reason to get out of the house. If your husband used to be a home body and now he’s suddenly “hanging with his friends” this could a warning sign.

8. Spends more time online than usual

Cheating husbands usually spend a lot more time online than usual. Many affairs actually happen from meeting a person online and this can take place right under your nose. So check your computer’s history frequently. And he’s been deleting the history regularly, question why. Either he’s cheating or he’s been looking at porn. Either way, both are not okay for a married man.

9. Cell phone behavior changes

One of the signs of a cheating husband that wives often miss is his cell phone behavior. If his cell phone behavior has changed then he could be hiding something. Has he been receiving a lot more text messages than usual? Or maybe he’s been turning the cell phone off on the way home from work, when he used to keep it on. Has he been leaving the room to have conversations? Does he get nervous when you touch his phone? All these are signs of a cheating husband and it’s time for you to have a talk with him.

If you suspect you have a cheating husband then there are steps you can take to find out for sure without getting caught. Make sure you talk to him if he’s exhibiting any of the behaviors mentioned. Hopefully he’s not cheating. Remember, just because your husband’s working late does NOT mean he’s cheating. But what if he is?

In conclusion, I am very sure these signs enumerated above has opened your eyes and can be of great help on how to catch a cheating husband.

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