Watching pornography videos negative effects on you

Are you a lover of porn photos and videos, yes, watching pornography videos may start as a joke for most persons, either male or female? However, it can quickly escalate into a problem that most of them can’t control in the future. Adult films have been around since time immemorial.Find out time to also read 7 Ways to Enhance the Male Orgasm

It’s now a multi-billion-dollar industry that caters to every need and fantasy. Though it’s common to watch adult films, you may end up digging yourself in a hole that you can’t come out of if it becomes a habit. Here are some dangers of watching adult films.

1. Watching pornography videos Destroys Our Values

Problem: Video is powerful. We live in a world where we need to see something to believe it and in our fast-paced, information-driven world, video is the preferred means of communication and information dissemination.

The thing is, video has the power to influence and even replace behaviors in your mind without you being consciously aware of what you are seeing. Scary, right?

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As you watch videos, your subconscious mind is rapidly dissecting, translating and making sense of what it is being fed. The research has found that the subconscious mind translates and subsequently changes our behavior in one disturbing way:

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It has been proven that watching pornography videos programs a person to lower our standards sexually. It encourages us to seek sex and, in some cases, build intimate and unhealthy relationships with people who are willing to have sex without any boundaries. As exciting as that sounds, having sex with anyone who is available can be a sign of someone without much discipline.

A truly mature person at some point in their life must have control over their sexuality. You should not be a slave to your sexual desire—instead, you should master and control it.

2. Causes Erectile Dysfunction

Problem: This one is specifically for guys. Virility is important for almost every guy I know. The rise in porn-induced erectile dysfunction is something to be alarmed about. Frequently watching porn can lead to erections which can increasingly only be induced by hardcore pornography.

Porn consumption then becomes a sort of psychological conditioning which creates performance anxiety. Yikes.

Solution: Need I say more? No man wants to kill their sexual health. Consuming porn, it turns out, can be one of the most sex-negative things a guy can do, while not watching porn can be really sex-positive.

3. You Soon Become Addicted

Watching adult films can become an addiction and like many addictions, it becomes part of its victim’s life. This is one of the most common kinds of addiction. However, due to stigma, many people don’t talk about their struggle with pornography.

As such, it escalates into a bigger problem that becomes harder to control. People with this kind of addiction should be encouraged to talk about it and go through a recovery process just like any other addiction. 4 Signs It’s Time To Seek Addiction Treatment

4. Causes Depression

Watching adult films induces feel-good hormones in the body thus giving the brain a rush of dopamine. Like drugs, this instant feeling of reward weakens over time and you’ll need to consume more to get the same effects.

If you don’t satisfy the craving, you may end up feeling low about yourself which can lead to depression. Additionally, watching adult films can ruin your relationship contributing to feelings of depression.

5. Watching pornography videos Ruins Relationships

Most people who have struggled with an addiction to adult films have admitted that it affected their relationships. This kind of addiction not only makes you underappreciate the people in your life but also it gives you a skewed view of what intimacy should be.

You may develop an unrealistic fetish or simply become selfish in bed. As such, many partners experience a complicated love life which can lead to breakups.

6. Reduces Your Self-Confidence

Post-nut clarity is real. Once you climax from watching porn, it can leave you with feelings of guilt and unworthiness. Additionally, adult films have unrealistic ideas about sex. As such, it can make regular watchers feel inadequate about their skills in the bed. These factors can contribute to lower self-confidence which becomes harder to build the more you watch such films.

7. Encourages Self-Gratification

Watching pornography videos brings self-gratification, and can lead to a lack of discipline which is an essential skill every adult should have. Since they are easily accessible all over the internet, it doesn’t take much to fulfil the need for some gratification.

When it happens repeatedly, it can be difficult to delay gratification. This can make it harder to build intimacy with your partner as you want to get laid and you may not care about making sure your partner is satisfied.

8. Creates Gender Stereotypes

Adult films are especially dangerous for children, adolescents, and young adults who don’t have a full understanding of normal relationships with the opposite gender.

As such, they may develop an unhealthy attitude towards them mainly viewing them as sex objects. It’s necessary to control what your kids can watch on the internet and make sure such sites are completely out of bounds. Here is how you can protect children from porn on the internet.

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