4 Reasons some women faint during sex

Hello guys, welcome once again to my own little corner of the web, today, i will be talking about a very important issue, and that is: reasons women faint during sex. Hyperventilation during an orgasm or intense sexual activity can reduce the amount of oxygen flowing to the brain, which may cause a person to faint. People who feel anxious about sex may also hyperventilate during an orgasm or shortly afterward. Once a person’s breathing returns to normal, the risk of fainting passes.

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This information contains the research I conducted last week with the one compiled from a medical doctor. I found out that shortage of oxygen, stress, and high intake of hard drugs are the effects of dizziness in women. Then I culled evidence to clarify ladies how faintness can occur in the process of intimacy.

Below are the 4 major reasons women faint during sex:

1. Shortage of oxygen

In every female, hormones called estrogens and progesterone carry out important functions during foreplay. When a woman suffers a depletion of oxygen, the red blood cells begin to signal the brain through the transmission of neurons. Then the central nervous system interprets the message to the body and if an immediate step is not taken, can result in collapse.

Medical experts warned women to avoid poorly ventilated rooms because the female hormones require adequate oxygen intake to work efficiently during intercourse. Don’t miss reading proven simple ways to tighten loose vaginal – Video

2. Stress is another reason women faint during sex

when a lady is weak, then it’s advisable to ignore intimacy. The reason is that deformity is an indication that the body needs rest.

3. Intake of hard drugs

harmful substances are prone to damage the female reproductive organs and results in unconsciousness. According to Fitness and Lifestyle Education, women who consume unprescribed pills are at the risk of damaging their womb and sensual hormones. In Nigeria, some girls absorb narcotics to impress their partners in bed which is hazardous to health.

4. Hunger and thirst

Sometimes, sex or masturbation can temporarily distract a person from other physical needs, such as water and food. Intense sexual activity is a lot like aerobic exercise, also increasing a person’s need for water and oxygen. So, if a person does not drink enough water, they can become dehydrated and even pass out.

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Sexual pleasure may likewise distract a person from their hunger. Low blood sugar can cause fainting. The risk of fainting is higher in people with certain medical conditions, including those with diabetes on blood glucose-lowering medications.

However, men are recommended to seek medical attention immediately after any of these happen.


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