Some lesser known and weird symptoms of early pregnancy

A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty. The fact that you are going to give birth to someone, that you will give life to someone, brings immense joy and bliss to the lives of every person who loves you. It changes yourself and your life forever, only for the better. Quickly, let’s discuss some lesser known and weird symptoms of early pregnancy

The pregnancy journey is full of ups and downs, demanding mental and physical strength on the part of the mother as well as her family. It begins with breaking the fact that you are pregnant with your family members, but before that comes an important part – identifying the first signs of pregnancyconfirming it by undertaking pregnancy tests, and confirming it from a doctor thereafter.

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Most signs of pregnancy are well-known, but some lesser-known and weird signs can be experienced in the early stages of pregnancy. Some of these are:

Sense of smell

You might get sensitive to smell; that is, your sense of smell might become stronger, making you sensitive to not only strong odors but also otherwise weak smells. This might even, at times, induce a feeling of nausea.

Metallic taste

Apart from the sense of smell, pregnancy might also affect the sense of taste in some women. You might experience a strange metallic taste in your mouth or an excess of saliva at times. This is not a symptom to worry about; it is just a normal side-effect.


Headache is not a very common symptom of early pregnancy, but it is a normal one. Due to various hormonal changes in the body of a woman in the early stages of pregnancy, she might experience headaches frequently. Consult a doctor if necessary.


Due to increased hormonal activity and increased blood flow in the body, it is also possible that some women might experience dizziness. Remember not to take any medicines before consulting a doctor.


Not just women but men too experience the problem of acne in their day-to-day lives. But when pregnant, this problem might be aggravated in some women. Even if someone does not have acne previously, pregnancy might lead them to it. The best solution to this is to wash your face frequently with water and face wash throughout the day.

Mood swings

This is probably the weirdest of all the symptoms of pregnancy but the most common one. Hormonal changes are at their peak in pregnant women, and hence they result in a lot of other changes, one of which is this. Mood swings are extremely normal in the early stage of pregnancy, but it is always advisable to consult a healthcare expert in case of any problem.


There is no properly-defined list of all the pregnancy symptoms. Just as each woman is different from the other, each pregnancy is also different, and thus the pregnancy symptoms are also different. There are many common symptoms, but there can always be symptoms unique to each woman. In every case, it is best to seek advice from an expert doctor.

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