9 Reasons why too much s3x is not good for you

When it comes to s3x, most of us already feel there are benefits that regular intimacy brings. However, you may be surprised at the range of benefits of healthy s3x, from reducing stress, to lowering your risk of cancer or heart problems. Please do not skip reading 9 Things that happens in your body immediately after s3x

According to recent studies, regular s3x can provide many boosts to your wellbeing. This is because s3x is just like any other physical activity and the benefits it provides can eventually increase your life span. Here’s a breakdown of the top benefits of regular s3xual intercourse.

However, it may surprise you to hear that too much s3x with your spouse is not good for your health. In previous articles, you may have read on the benefits of s3x in marriage relationships.

There is no doubt that s3x improve marriage relationships and have a lot of physical and psychological benefits to couples which may include helping to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, help to stimulate sleep, may boost immune system and even help to prevent prostate cancer among other benefits.

However, too much of everything is bad; a lot of side effects are associated with too much intimacy in a relationship. The word intimacy is used interchangeably for s3x in this article.

To start with, it is important to define what constitutes too much s3x. Now, read also: list of foods that boosts sperm production in man.

While every couple has a right to determine how often they would engage in physical intimacy, experts believe that we all have individual threshold and couples should find out their threshold.

So long as couples do it for fun, it cannot be said to be excessive but when either of the parties begin to see it as a chore instead of fun, such a person have exceeded his or her threshold.

According to an endocrinologist, there is no exact definition as to what constitutes too much of s3x. It depends on individual threshold and age.

Furthermore, when any partner does it as a chore or an obligation without deriving any feeling of comfort, it could be said to be in excess for such a person.

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Can women have too much s3x?

The main physical hazard of having a lot of s3x is excessive swelling of the vagina and labia, Sherry A. Ross, ob-gyn and women’s health expert in Santa Monica, California and author of she-ology and she-ology. The she-quel, tells Health. “With a lot of s3xual stimulation, the vagina and labia become engorged with blood, and this can lead to excessive swelling and pain with s3xual contact,” she explains.

A long s3x session can also cause the natural lubrication of the vagina to dry up, which can lead to friction and pain. “If you haven’t had the right amount of foreplay to become s3xually aroused and get wet, the vagina will be dry—making s3x painful when the p3nis or fingers enter the vagina,” Dr. Ross says. She points out that vaginal dryness can also occur in menopausal women, resulting in a burning sensation inside the vagina during s3xual contact and penetration.

If you end up with a swollen and/or sore vagina after s3xual contact, back off until you feel okay, Dr. Brightman says. If the swelling seems excessive, try an ice pack for some relief. Next time you do it, consider using a vaginal lubricant or extra virgin coconut oil to create extra wetness in the vagina for a prolonged s3x session. For chafing, aquaphor or a similar product can help to soothe affected areas, Dr. Ross says.

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Can men have too much s3x?

Men can also experience similar discomfort when they overdo it, Dr. Ross points out. “The p3nis can experience soreness, swelling, and chafing, and [a man may have] difficulty urinating.”

Speaking of p3nises, bigger isn’t always better—especially if you’re having a lot of s3x. While a thicker p3nis makes the vagina feel fuller, being overly stretched can be painful and uncomfortable, and it might even cause vaginal tears.

The more s3x you have, the greater the risk of bladder and vaginal infections. This is due to disruption to the natural pH balance of the vagina, Dr. Ross explains, when bacteria from the vagina and anus find their way into the bladder. To help prevent this, get into the habit of emptying your bladder after having s3xual penetration with your partner.

In some cases, the side effect of having a lot of s3x might call for medical attention. If you have any abnormal discharge, unusual or persistent bleeding, evidence or tearing, pain with urination, or persistent vulva pain, get it checked out by your health care provider.

But if the only thing all that s3x has left you with is a feeling of satisfaction (and perhaps a little fatigue), there’s no reason why you can’t keep going. “As long as there is proper lubrication and consensual breaks in between going under the sheets, you’re not in any danger,” Dr. Ross says. “Communication is vital in a relationship—especially during intimacy. Being honest and comfortable with your partner ensures a healthy and satisfying s3xual relationship.”

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Listen to your body at all times, Dr. Brightman adds. If something doesn’t feel good—whether it’s the first time you’ve had s3x for a week or your third round in 24 hours—stop and discuss it with your partner. And if you feel like you’re overdoing it, take a break for a day or two.

What then are the side effects of too much s3x?

1. Addiction

It is very possible that when you have too much s3x is that you can get addicted to it. A person with a s3xual addiction can harm his or her relationship with their partner because you become obsessed with s3x or have an abnormally intense s3x drive. Even if your partner doesn’t want to have s3x, your urge is uncontrollable.

2. Inflammation and Swelling

Women who have too much s3x can experience a condition called vaginal excoriation which refers to the scrapping of the vulva skin during penetration. This condition occurs when there is too much friction during s3x that hurts the vaginal walls which further causes burning while urinating or difficulty in walking resulting from a swollen vagina.

3. Sore P3nis after s3x

Many men may experience sharp pain that lasts a few seconds which is normal. When you are frequently engaged in s3x, it could lead to a sore p3nis due to extended manual stimulation, or ejaculating forcibly, and so on. If the pain lasts longer for a few hours or a few days, then chances are that there is an infection in the testicles, prostate, epididymis, or you may have contracted s3xually transmitted diseases.

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4. Losing Interest In The Middle Of the Act

Though s3x may make you active, too much of it may make you lose interest in the middle of the act, especially when you have s3x daily. This happens because your body is so tired due to daily s3xual activities and it needs some rest too.

5. Back pain

Going for many rounds may cause some lower back pain. Remember, moderation is a master key to good health in all human activities.

6. Bruises

For both partners, as you continue to force yourself repeatedly, you may get some bruises in your genitals.

7. Tiredness and exhaustion

Some enzymes are released in the process and heart rate is normally increased in the process. It .at also lead to release of more sugar into the blood stream. All these activities may result in exhaustion.

8. Not good for ailing persons

Too much of intimacy is dangerous for people battling with heart diseases and stroke.

According to Dr Olamoyegun, too much intimacy could be very dangerous for people with heart diseases and stroke.

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9. Weakens relationship

Too much of it has the ability weaken a relationship especially when a partner feels bored.

Intimacy may strengthen family relationship when it is enjoyed by both parties, but if any party sees it as a chore or burden, it may wreck havoc on the relationship.

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